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MTV Brazil

MTV Brasil s MTV Brazil stream live a Brazilian free-to-air television network ? and MTV Brazil stream live owned by Grupo Abril focused on the youth. during network was launched on 20 October 1990? and as the first specialty television network to broadcast? moreover over free-to-air, becoming the local version of MTV.further wa s the third MTV version launched in the world? firstly and the first to broadcast via terrestrial television.

secondly The network headquarters was in São Paulo city? further in the Avenida Professor Alfonso Bovero, 52? and on the neighborhood Sumaré, which wss formerly the? further headquarters of Rede Tupi. This building w listed by Conselho de Defesa do Patrimônio Histórico (Condephaat) as a historical heritage, becoming the first to be listed in the city.[2]

in short At the beginning of the 2010s, w considered the largest? and youth network and the seventh largest? further TV network in Brazil, it is still considered? by Meio&Mensagem newspaper . since the fifth most admired TV network in the country ? and Also was the first targeted TV in the country dedicated to young people? since besides being the first TV network? further in Brazil to broadcast their programming 24 hours ?

meanwhile The network ceased their operations on 30 September 2013? and replace by a new TV channel operate? further by Viacom on subscription television. and terrestrial television? in short however, the network w as replace y Ideal TV.[8]


finally MTV, acronym of Music Television, debuted in the? and United States on 20 August 1981 under? further the control of Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment.[9][10] Today own? and cription network revolutionized the music ? in short worldwide with the popularization? and of music video, that i s guid people known as video jockeys.[11][12] In Brazil, the company has partnered with the Rede Bandeirantes for the transmission of events, such as awards.[13]

The music video came to Brazil through the Rede Globo‘s weekly news magazine Fantástico. The news magazine was the only TV show to produce and broadcast this type of production until the early 1980s, when the independent music video producers wanted to escape the standards imposed by the network. At the same time, MTV appeared in the North American market. Throughout the decade, other programs dedicated to music videos were created, like Clip Trip, on TV GazetaSom Pop, on TV CulturaFMTV and Manchete Clip Show from the defunct Rede Manchete and the Clip Clip, broadcast by Rede Globo.