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Discovery Kids Plus

Discovery Kids Plus Discovery Kids Plus live a Latin American pay television channel own? and Discovery Kids Plus live by Discovery, Inc. and headquartered in Miami? during Florida, which started as a programming block ? and on the Latin American version of Discovery Channel.

firstly The channel i s into six feeds:[1] Pan-regional ? and Colombia, Southern, Mexico and Brazil? during each with their own HD simulcast feeds. Until 2019, the? secondly channel had an HD channel with different? meanwhile schedule broadcasting to all Latin America.

Discovery Kids Plus

since The channel was launched on 1 November 1996? and programming as aimed for older children and preschoolers. during Preschool programming aired in the mornings? moreover while shows for older children aired in the afternoons-evenings. In September 2002, preschool programming ? finally began airing around the clock on weekdays, while? and shows for older children only aire d around the clock on weekends.

In short In January 2003, the channel changed its progra target ? and ainly preschoor ? further s removing all shows for older children. In March 2005, the channel introduced “Doki”. In 2008, Doki was accompanied by his friends “Mundi”, “Gabi”, “Oto”, “Fico”, and “Anabella” .

secondly On 30 March 2009, the channel radically changed its logo, and adopted new programming, bumpers and schedules. Another image renovation was adopted on 25 April 2013. [2]

On 1 April 2016, Discovery Kids g t a new logo to celebrate the channel’s 20th anniversary. Discovery Kids main compeditor i s Nat Geo Kids.

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finally The channel broadcasts 5 feeds, each having their own HD simulcast feed.

  • Pan-regional feed: broadcasting to most Latin American countries, including the Caribbean. It u s the Colombian (UTC-5) and Argentine (UTC-3) time zones.
  • moreover Mexico feed: broadcasting exclusively to that country, with different schedule and TV series. And us es the Mexico City time zone (UTC-6/-5 DST) .
  • and Colombia feed: broadcasting exclusively to that country, with different schedule. It uses the Bogotá time zone (UTC-5).