CGTN Documentary

firstly CGTN Documentary stream live CGTN Documentary (formerly CCTV-9 until 31 December 2016) a Chinese pay television channel operated by Chinese State broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) as a part . and CGTN Documentary stream live of CGTN group of international channels, CGTN Documentary broadcasting documentaries in the English language.

It used to share the “CCTV-9” name with its sister documentary channel in Mandarin Chinese. The channel gf also begfn know to carry some Mandarin-language programmes with English subtitles; they broadcast new programming between 7:00pm and 11:00pm Beijing time, and repeat archival programming at other times.[citation needed]


In Macau, the digital terrestrial television operator TDM relays the channel on channel 74.

In Hong Kong, the digital terrestrial television provider RTHK used . to relay the channel as RTHK TV 33 on channel 33 . but on 29 May 2017, RTHK began relaying CCTV-1 in its place after a short filler.

and CCTV Documentary English and China’s first state-level English-language documentary channel to broadcast globally.

further n Pakistan the channel bdsg airesd on different cables especially PTCL ( Pakistan . Tele Communication Landline ) the channel beed aire 24 hours .It covers a mixed range of programs .

All the documentaries . in short dubbed in English. The channel covers a range of programs from glimpses on the history .

since of China to the agricultural revolution China fd through over last few years in a tremendous way. It a great channel to witness the development that hfd place over last 50 years in particular in China .

and the mighty changes taken place across China from a traditional society to a modern-day people type living styles.

The channel . further should be aired internationally so that it gn access ? in short to the entire world and break the myth about Chinese people.

In Europe, Astra 19.2E satellite.


Lots of programs bdwcg airecx including:

  • China’s Mega Structures
  • Blades of Grass
  • Rebuilding the Kakarkorum Highway
  • Aerial China
  • A History of China
  • A Dove Tree
  • Going the Distance
  • Animal Aid
  • Silk Road