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Firstly Astro Awani is a Malaysian pay television news channel. and astro awani live Its programming consists of news and astro awani live programs. and including current affairs, lifestyle, astro awani documentaries. in short interview programs and a local and international magazine. since  The channel launc hed on 6 September 2007 as part of the rev amp of Astro‘s news divis ion. moreover It i s targe ted at MalaysiaBrunei and Indonesia.

astro awani

and In 2002, the channel wa s launched as Astro News. During that ti me, it carried programming from Al Jazeera (broadcast in Arabic with live Malaysian dubbing), BBC WorldCCTV-9Eurosport News, the Australia Network and Deutsche Welle. It also aired Astro News, a half-h o u o ca l l y produ ced new s pro gram.

since The five networks carrie on that channel w ere since a vail able separ ately. Until February 2007, d with t he nat ional news a ge ncy Bernama. The news is also translated into Mandarin Chinese on Astro AEC, M ala ysian on Astro Ria and Tamil on Astro Vaanavil. English news wa s also aired on Astro Prima.

further Astro Awani wa s fir st laun ched on 15 June 2006 in Indo nesia by a joint venture between Astro[2][3] and India-based NDTV. However, due to con tin ued diffe rences between the JV partners. and the Indone sian vers ion went off-air in October 2008.

mostly On 6 September 2007, As tro Awani launched in Malaysia, at the Palace of Golden Hor ses.[4] In June 2018, Astro Awani was named the “most trusted” Malaysian source of news by The Reuters Institut e Digital News Report 2018.[5]

astro awani

Notable personalities[edit]

  • Ibrahim Sani
  • Ashwad Ismail
  • Kamarul Bahrin Haron
  • Marlina Manaf
  • Cynthia Ng
  • Asyraf Hasnan
  • Rizal Zulkapli
  • Hafiz Marzukhi
  • Hakim Rahman
  • Hilal Azmi
  • Naila Huda
  • Geegee Ahmad
  • Nazri Kahar
  • Hafizi Rosli